Conference Program


Detailed Program

Monday Dec. 7th

M4IoT Workshop

DIDL Workshop

Containers Workshop


Tuesday Dec. 8th

Doctoral Symposium

DICG Workshop

ARM Workshop

WoSC Workshop

SERIAL Workshop


Wednesday Dec. 9th

10:00-11:30Opening and Keynote (Session Chairs: Jan S. Rellermeyer and Rüdiger Kapitza)
 Opening Middleware 2020
 Keynote Maarten van Steen
13:00-14:30Research Track: Session 1 (Session Chair: Hans P. Reiser)
 Prebaking Functions to Warm the Serverless Cold Start (Presenter: Paulo Silva)
 Resilient Cloud-based Replication with Low Latency (Presenter: Michael Eischer)
 Practical Active Revocation (Presenter: Stefan Contiu)
 secureTF: A Secure TensorFlow Framework (Presenter: Do Le Quoc)
 On Delivery Guarantees in Distributed Content-Based Publish/Subscribe Systems (Presenter: Pooya Salehi) 
15:30-17:00Industry Track: Session (Chairs: Ioana Giurgiu and Sameh Elnikety)
 mmFilter: Language-Guided Video Analytics at the Edge (Presenter: Zhiming Hu)
 blockNDP: Block-storage Near Data Processing (Presenter: Martin Decky)
 DiagSys: network and third-party web-service monitoring from the browser’s perspective (Presenter: Loïck Bonniot)
 HopsFS-S3: Extending Object Stores with POSIX-like Semantics and more (Presenter: Mahmoud Ismail)
 Primula: a Practical Shuffle/Sort Operator for Serverless Computing (Presenter: Germán T. Eizaguirre)
 Secure Volume Hot-plugging for Containers (Presenter: Eunsoo Evan Park)
18:00-19:30Posters and Demos (Chairs: Angela Nicoara and Ihor Kuz)
 Demo: Hierarchical Topic Aggregation for Geospatial Applications through Processing Extensions in Message Brokers (Presenter: Josef Spillner)
 Poster: Version Detection for Software Discovery in the Cloud (Presenter: Sadie Allen) 
 Poster: DynPubSub: A Peer To Peer Overlay For Topic-Based Pub/Sub Systems Deployed at the Edge (Presenter: Chamseddine Bouallegue) 
 Demo: Given 2n Eyeballs, All Quality Flaws Are Shallow (Presenter: Josef Spillner)
 Demo: Practical Trade-Offs in Integrity Protection for Binaries via Ethereum (Presenter: Oliver Stengele)
20:00-21:00Virtual Reception


Thursday Dec. 10th

10:00-11:30Research Track: Session 2 (Session Chair: Mina Sedaghat)
 MATCH: A Decentralized Middleware for Fair Matchmaking In Peer-to-Peer Markets (Presenter: Martijn de Vos)
 PipeTune: Pipeline Parallelism of Hyper and System Parameters Tuning for Deep Learning Clusters (Presenter: Isabelly Rocha)
 Fast Training of Deep Learning Models over Multiple GPUs (Presenter: Xiaodong Yi)
 BoLT: Barrier-optimized LSM-Tree (Presenter: Dongui Kim)
 JellyFish: A Fast Skip List with MVCC (Presenter: Leeju Kim)
13:00-14:30Research Track: Session 3 (Session Chair: Vincenzo Massimiliano Gulisano)
 Consistent and Secure Network Updates Made Practical (Presenter: James Lembke)
 FLeet: Online Federated Learning via Staleness Awareness and Performance Prediction (Presenter: Georgios Damaskinos)
 TEEMon: A continuous performance monitoring framework for TEEs (Presenter: Robert Krahn)
 FeGAN: Scaling Distributed GANs (Presenter: Arsany Guirguis)
 Poseidon: Safe, Fast and Scalable Persistent Memory Allocator (Presenter: Madhava Krishnan) 
15:30-17:00Research Track: Session 4 (Session Chair: Roy Campbell)
 WASP: Wide-area Adaptive Stream Processing (Presenter: Abhishek Chandra)
 SplitServe: Efficiently Splitting Apache Spark Jobs Across FaaS and IaaS (Presenter: Aman Jain)
 SR3: Customizable Recovery for Stateful Stream Processing Systems (Presenter: Pinchao Liu)
 Sledge: a Serverless-first, Light-weight Wasm Runtime for the Edge (Presenter: Gabriel Parmer)
 Tackling Resource Underutilization in the Serverless Era (Presenter: Jashwant Raj Gunasekaran)
18:00-19:30Keynote and Test of Time Award (Session Chairs: Dilma da Silva and Nalini Venkatasubramanian)
 Keynote Fabio Kon
 Test of Time Award Ceremony
20:00-21:00Open Business Meeting (Session Chair: Hans-Arno Jacobsen)
 Middleware 2021 Address


Friday Dec. 11th

10:00-11:30Research Track: Session 5 (Session Chair: Valerio Schiavoni)
 PASTRAMI: Privacy-preserving, Auditable, Scalable & Trustworthy Auctions for Multiple Items (Presenter: Michał Król)
 A practical approach for updating an integrity-enforced operating system (Presenter: Wojciech Ozga)
 Regaining Lost Seconds: Efficient Page Preloading for SGX Enclaves (Presenter: Lizhi Wang)
 Improving the Restore Performance via Physical-Locality Middleware for Backup Systems (Presenter: Pengfei Li)
 Xanadu: Mitigating cascading cold starts in serverless function chain deployments (Presenter: Nilanjan Daw)
13:00-14:30Research Track: Session 6 (Session Chair: Francois Taiani)
 Cost-Effective Data Feeds to Blockchains via Workload-Adaptive Data Replication (Presenter: Yuzhe Tang)
 Mitigating Stragglers in the Decentralized Training on Heterogeneous Clusters (Presenter: Donglin Yang)
 Coral-Pie: A Geo-Distributed Edge-compute Solution for Space-Time Vehicle Tracking (Presenter: Zhuangdi (Andy) Xu)
 An OpenMP Runtime for Transparent Work Sharing Across Cache-Incoherent Heterogeneous Nodes (Presenter: Robert Lyerly)
 DoubleFaceAD: A New Datastore Driver Architecture to Optimize Fanout Query Performance (Presenter: Shungeng Zhang) 
14:30 Closing Remarks